Health authorities worried as flu claims five young lives in Tennessee

Health authorities worried as flu claims five young lives in Tennessee
Health authorities worried as flu claims five young lives in Tennessee

United States: In Tennessee, the flu has claimed the lives of five individuals, predominantly impacting the younger demographic, leading to heightened vigilance from health agencies.

The flu has been particularly aggressive in Tennessee this year, predominantly affecting the younger population and raising alarms among health authorities. According to data from the Tennessee Department of Health, the state has recorded five pediatric deaths due to the flu this season.

The latest influenza report from the Tennessee Department of Health reveals that the death toll has risen to five, with a recent fatality reported during the week of February 11th to February 19th.

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Notably, the number of pediatric flu-related deaths has surpassed last season’s count of three, as reported by newschannel9.

Health experts have noted a nationwide increase in flu-related deaths.

Addressing the concerns raised by the Tennessee Health Department’s report of five pediatric deaths, Dr. Stephen Miller of the Hamilton County Health Department emphasized that the flu poses a significant risk to individuals of all ages, not just the young.

Dr. Miller stressed, as reported by newschannel9, “The individuals that we’re more concerned about would be the very young as well as our elderly population, and then those that are immunocompromised for any reasons.”

Dr. Miller highlighted that the United States has seen a total of 91 pediatric deaths, according to reports. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have documented 25 million illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations, and 17,000 deaths during this flu season.

Experts point out that Tennessee is among the states experiencing high flu activity, with Dr. Miller attributing this trend partly to low vaccination rates. He emphasized the importance of timely immunization and encouraged individuals to follow their doctor’s recommendations regarding flu shots.

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Dr. Miller also stressed that it’s never too late to get vaccinated against the flu and advised those infected to stay home from school, work, and public gatherings to prevent further spread.

Flu season in Tennessee began on October 1, 2023, and has since seen four influenza outbreaks reported in various regions across the state, according to the Tennessee Health Department.