6 Cinnamon products under FDA scanner as experts find their role in lead poisoning!

6 Cinnamon products under FDA
6 Cinnamon products under FDA. Credit | Shutterstock

United States: Consumers should not buy many packages of cinnamon from Family Dollar and Dollar Tree companies because they contain a high lead ratio, according to the experts from the Food and Drug Administration, who came on Wednesday in a health care message.

The advice, which also suggests that they should have a thorough examination of their cupboards and throw any of six items away, follows the nationwide recall of applesauce, which was allegedly lead-tainted and resulted in 468 poisonings, mainly among kids of young age.

FDA launches an inquiry amid rising dangers of lead

At the height of the rising dangers of lead poisoning for children, the FDA launched a dedicated inquiry into ground cinnamon products from discount stores and analyzed all samples for lead and chromium contamination, CBS News reported.

The agency found elevated levels of the metals in six brands:

  • La Fiesta, sold at La Superior and SuperMercados
  • Marcum, sold at Save A Lot
  • MTCI, sold at SF Supermarket
  • Swad, sold at Patel Brothers
  • Supreme Tradition, sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar
  • El Chilar, sold at La Joya Morelense

The recommendation is given by the FDA

The FDA is recommending that the manufacturers of the products recall them, with the exception of MTCI cinnamon, as the agency has not been able to reach the company.

In line with the regulations, the FDA has requested that the manufacturers of the food items recall them; that is other than MTCI Cinnamon, because no one can reach them.

Two days after the FDA warning, the companies started the recall processes. Concerning this matter, North Bergen Colonna Brothers, located in New Jersey, is recalling 1.5-ounce Ground Cinnamon and 2.25-ounce Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon distributed nationwide and specifically via mail order channels.

So far, the company’s management has declared that all ground cinnamon production and distribution have been stopped.

Moreover, El Chilar Rodriguez of Apopka, Fla is recalling 127 cases of El Chilar Ground Cinnamon “Canela Molida” to be sold in 1.25-ounce bags, which are distributed by La Raza of Forestville, Md., and sold at retail stores throughout Maryland, CBS News reported.

Immediate symptoms of lead exposure

In the majority of cases, people do not have visible immediate symptoms of lead poisoning. However, long time exposure to the particles may be hazardous to human health.

In utero, infancy, and early childhood, exposure to lead can result in severe neurotoxic effects, such as lowering their IQ and learning and behavioral disabilities, per the regulating body.

For adults, chronic exposure to lead, which may result in the disruption of kidney function, hypertension, and neurocognitive effects, is all associated with lead exposure.