Get in shape from home the fun way with the best fitness video games.
We all live busy lives, but unfortunately work, school, and a million daily responsibilities leave little time for the physical activities our bodies need to thrive. When we do finally have downtime it’s all too easy to decide to zone out with the escapism of a favorite video game instead of heading to a gym. But what if your new favorite video game is one that actually gets you up, moving, and motivated? Some of the best fitness video games combine fitness with fantasy in a way that makes it more than just a workout. Instead, exercise becomes an adventure.
Whether it’s a fast-paced dance game to provide cardio and calorie-burning to the beat, a sports game to keep you kicking, a fitness boxing or martial arts game that gets you into fighting shape, or an epic adventure game that has you high-stepping through grassy plains and rowing up river rapids, you’ll find the fitness game that fits your goals while it’s also a fun way to spend your free time. Great games keep you motivated to play, so you achieve milestones to look and feel your best.
The best fitness video games put you into the action, so you’re no longer a passive player, you’re a part of the story!
Fitness boxing is a popular way to work out because it’s fun, energizing, and an excellent cardio workout that also improves muscle tone and strength. One of the best fitness video games is Nintendo Fitness Boxing for Nintendo Switch. It comes complete with charts to estimate your fitness age and calorie burn rate, so it accurately measures your accomplishments in each session.
Fitness Boxing leads gamers through a range of punches and dodging maneuvers as well as full body stretches before and after each workout. Precision in each move scores the highest points and encourages players to outdo themselves each time they work out. Workout routines and intensity are completely customizable, so you can set your own goals. Choose one of 5 coaches including 3 female coaches and one male, and then customize your coach’s appearance. The coach is your visual guide for each movement and also offers helpful tips to maximize your progress. Best of all, Fitness Boxing is one of the best fitness video games for a fantastical musical score with instrumental versions of your favorite energizing hits to inspire you while you work on your moves with a stimulating workout routine you’ll love.
One of the best fitness video games for the whole family doesn’t require a gaming system at all. All you need to play is a TV with an HDMI connection to get moving. The FWFX Electronic Dance Mat is a non-slip floor pad and a 4-core chip for sharp, clear visuals on your television screen or computer monitor. The motion-sensing gamepad keeps you moving with multiple modes like 4-key, 6-key, yoga, aerobics, MTV, dance, and sports. With 3D camera sensing and a fun LED strobe light, you’re ready to dance, do fun aerobic routines, or enjoy many other energetic activities for physical fitness.
The FWFX Electronic Dance Mat offers interactive games for the whole family with 76 iconic dance songs and routines, 37 sports games, and interactive puzzle games for kids. Dual hand controllers work together for multiplayer or separately for single-player fun. You’ll enjoy immersive interaction by watching your dance or exercise moves right on your screen. The anti-skid design of the floor mat provides just a hint of bounce and comfortable support for all the games, dances, and exercises. With high sensitivity you’ll enjoy staying fit, keeping the kids moving, and entertaining indoors with healthy daily exercise that is so much more than a workout.
This is one of the best fitness video games for any home — no gaming system required!
Some of the best fitness video games are those that are so much fun, you don’t even notice that your body is benefiting from the intense motion and movements. Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 is exactly that kind of game. It’s a competitive game your whole family can enjoy together. Using the Kinect motion camera and a Kinect Sensor, the player’s body becomes the controller in a series of exciting adventure sports games.
Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 offers fast-paced journeys through exotic locations including river rapids and outer space. With games like 20,000 leaks where players must change their positions to plug leaks as fast as they occur in an underwater glass tank under attack from everything from fish and crabs to swordfish and sharks, or playing Rally Ball on a fast-moving platform, the heart-pounding adventure will cause anyone to raise a sweat as well as their heart rate. Burn calories as you pop bubbles in a zero-gravity room in space while flapping your arms to float upward to reach space bubbles appearing from the walls.
Kinect Adventures lets players snap and share photos of their favorite in-game moments as they duck, dodge, kick and flap their way from one adventure to the next in one of the best fitness video games for your classic Xbox 360. Kinect Adventures is an intense, motion-required game that literally brings the adventure home.
If you’ve never been truly excited to start a workout, you haven’t tried Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo Switch. It’s one of the best fitness video games for sheer fun. It offers much more than just working out to music and flashy video, it’s a daily escape into an exciting new fantasy world to explore with enemies to conquer, levels to move through, and an enthralling adventure to enjoy.
The Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch game offers the role-playing action you love in the best Switch games, only with real-world movement that includes 30 exercises for a whole body workout. The included ring controller with integrated sweat-resisting grips also functions as exercise equipment and an archery-style weapon for attacking enemies as you high-step through grassy plains, scale mountainous landscapes, and engage in energetic combat. A leg-strap accessory monitors your participation level.
Regain your own breath while regaining health points within the game through refreshing yoga poses. Track and chase Dragaux, the evil dragon through a majestic open world while completing body-building moves to target each zone.
Ring Fit Adventure is also one of the best fitness video games for versatility. Choose a grand adventure inside the game world or a general fitness routine for faster workouts. A new free update includes a fast-paced rhythm game to add to the included mini-games for specific target-area exercises.
Fun meets fitness in this epic adventure game!
Physical fitness doesn’t always come from a workout routine. Sometimes the best way to get fit is by doing something fun that’s also active and competitive. Sports deliver the skills-building and competition we crave while also keeping us active, energized, and in shape. But with our busy daily lives, few of us have time to hit the fields as often as we’d like. That’s why one of the best fitness video games is Nintendo Switch Sports. It has something for the athlete in all of us, with enough fun for the whole family.
Family members of any age can get active right in the living room with a Nintendo Switch by swinging, kicking, and spiking their way through any of 6 exciting interactive games. Choose Bowling, soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton, or exciting Chambara-style swordplay — all through immersive games where your real-life movements transform into on-screen motion. A leg strap accessory comes with the game. You can also add the sports accessory kit for more realistic ways to interact with every sport.
Play alone or get fit online with real competition from random opponents. Earn rewards in the game and work hard to make it to the Pro League. Buy now and look forward to a free update coming soon adding golf to the list of available sports.
This is one of the best fitness video games for athletes — or those of us who wish we were.
Zumba is an excellent way to combine exercise with dance, rhythm, and music. Add it to a video game, and you have one of the best fitness video games to work out with in a way that doesn’t feel like work at all. Zumba Fitness World Party enjoyed its release as part of the Wii Zumba fitness franchise in 2014 and still ranks high as a favorite way to work out right at home.
Of all the Zumba Fitness games, Zumba Fitness World Party is the one that takes gamers on a musical tour of the world with top hits like Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, and Pitbull’s Echa Pa’lla, as well as regional tracks we love to get a feel for.
Zumba Fitness World Party lets you dance hands-free with the exclusive fitness belt that tracks your moves and the number of calories burned. Unlock songs and dance styles from across the globe as you move to over 30 regional dance favorites like salsa, calypso, Irish step dancing, hip-hop, and Tahitian dance. Zumba Fitness’s realistic presentation and high-quality graphics make you feel like you’re really there.
You can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour with immersive music and dance experiences from countries around the earth in the fitness experience that changed everything in 2014 and remains an all-time favorite today.
Zumba Fitness World Party unlocks rewards, so you get a taste of the fascinating heritage of each nation as you work out with one of the best fitness video games to expand your dance horizons.
Pokémon Go! is the game that got Americans of all ages up on their feet and walking their local parks, neighborhoods, playgrounds, and historic sites — all in the hunt for elusive Pokémon. There’s no better way to get your steps in than while playing Pokémon Go! It’s the best fitness video game for people of all ages. Just download the game on your iPhone or Android device and get walking.
The Pokémon Go-Tcha Plus wristband is the perfect accessory to streamline the game while you walk. Why carry your phone to keep checking for Pokémon? You can leave your phone in your pocket or purse and play the game with the convenient touchscreen wristband with a rechargeable battery. Choose the convenient auto-catch mode and let the Go-Tcha band do the technical work for you while you walk. You’ll easily collect Poke balls, eggs, and potions at all your local Poke stops without having to touch your phone. On-screen animations and vibration alerts let you play discreetly any time you’re out for a walk.
Pokémon Go! is still one of the best fitness video games of all time, credited with Americans losing weight and getting fit en masse during the early months of the game’s release. With the Pokémon Go-Tcha wristband, playing has never been easier and fitness has never been so fun.
You can achieve full-body fitness right at home with your Nintendo Switch — in a way that feels much more like fun than exercise. Knockout Home Fitness by Nintendo Switch gets you up and kicking — literally! You’ll learn new moves for fitness based on mixed martial arts and boxing that will have you up and fighting right in your living room. Choose your personalized workout from a full menu of fitness modes and daily workouts in as little as 15 minutes at high intensity. You can personalize the settings to suit your mood or your schedule with in-depth workouts when you want them and quick fitness warmups in as many 3-minute modes as you can fit in for your busy lifestyle.
When you work out with Knockout Home Fitness you can choose one of 4 AI personal trainers, each with their own personality. If you need a strict workout guide, there’s a coach for you. If you prefer a less formal and light-hearted workout coach, Knockout Home Fitness offers the perfect personal trainer to keep you moving with friendly fitness encouragement.
Check your progress periodically with the “My Report” feature to review your week’s calendar and see your achievements and the number of calories you burned all in one place.
Celebrate as you reach your personal goals right at home with one of the best fitness video games from Nintendo Switch.
Get the game, get moving, and reach your fighting weight and fitness goals in no time.
Get in motion and put your classic Xbox 360 back to work with a fun game the whole family can play. One of the best fitness video games for fast-paced fun is Motion Explosion for Xbox 360. Exciting mini-games keep your whole body moving, so you’ll build a sweat, burn calories, and amp up your energy. You and up to 3 others will enjoy jumping, kicking, catching, ducking, dodging, juggling, and balancing as you enjoy exciting mini-games handling whatever is thrown your way. Play alone or enjoy challenging family and friends with turn-based competitive gameplay. It’s perfect for kids' sleepovers and birthday parties but also a great way for an adult to burn calories and get all the muscle groups in explosive motion.
With 12 challenging games and 10 levels per game, you’ll have ample opportunity to burn calories while you have fun thinking on your feet. Levels start out easy but become more challenging as you progress.
This is one of the best fitness video games for family-friendly fun with only a little cartoon violence, such as dodging bombs lobbed at you. Even if you miss catching the bomb, it’s a blast!
Are you ready for a challenge? One of the best fitness video games of all time is Gold’s Gym Dance Workout for Nintendo Wii. Just add the Wii Balance Board to get started. Not only does this exciting game lead you through intense physical workouts for cardio, calorie-burning, and toning, but it does it through fun, fast-paced dance moves that will have you looking and feeling like a dancing queen in no time.
Strengthen muscles and tone your body while your own personal trainer teaches you professional-quality dance moves to some of your favorite motivating hit songs like I Will Survive, Heart of Glass, Gonna Make You Sweat, and I’m too Sexy. Work out with Latin dances like Salsa and Meringue, and have fun with unique, boxing-style dance routines to pump up your pulse. Then enjoy playing fast-paced mini-games like kangaroo boxing, sword-fighting, rowing, and bull-riding.
Gold’s Gym Dance Workout offers the best AI personal trainers to teach you new moves and offer real-time feedback. Access records of your exercise history and achievements, as well as your body mass index and the number of calories you’ve burned to keep track of your progress toward fitness goals. Play alone or with a workout body to keep each other motivated while showing off your new moves.
Gold’s Gym Dance Workout for Nintendo Wii is one of the best fitness video games available today with heart-pumping hit songs, challenging dance moves, and intense mini-games to keep you amped up and energized.
You can kick down calories and punch your way to the weight you want with some of the best fitness video games for martial arts and boxing-style workouts. Get hyped with high-intensity martial arts workouts that increase core strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and self-confidence. Follow AI trainers who teach and track to help you achieve your goals in a way that doesn’t feel like a boring workout routine. And if you also end up with a little self-defense sense on the side it’s all for the good and may just spark new goals.
Some of today’s best fitness video games get you out of your gaming chair and up on your feet dancing to the beats you love from iconic hit songs. You’ll want to sing along as you dance your way toward your fitness goals. There’s nothing like fast-paced dance moves to get your cardio in, step up your step count and learn new moves you might want to show off the next time you’re on the dance floor. You can’t go wrong with some of today's highest-rated dance games with feedback from AI trainers that become the best workout buddies. What’s more, many offer couch co-op options that actually get you and your friend OFF the couch and learning new moves together while you tighten, tone, and mutually motivate.
We love kicking, swinging, and sliding our way through our favorite sports games, but we don’t always have the freedom to head for the athletic fields. With the best fitness video games aimed at sports fans, you don’t need a sandy beach to play volleyball or a soccer field to score a goal. Thanks to today’s technology, your real-life motion transforms into in-game movement you can see on screen — just like being there! Motion and movement help you to achieve the all-over body workout you want, without the work.
Notice that the heroes in every action/adventure film are in great shape? Rowing the rapids and climbing your way to exciting cliffhangers are great ways to stay in shape. Some of the most popular fitness video games put you into the action in fantasy worlds of epic adventure. Many also include fun mini-games, so you can mix it up depending on your mood.
A workout routine only works if it’s addictively fun and the best fitness video games deliver the goods to keep you going.
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